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Medlytics is a key proponent for supporting healthcare systems and their transformation to comply with new universal standards for health care interoperability.

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between disparate health systems & their inability to streamline systematic communication of health data; to achieve better patient outcomes and increase human longevity.


How do we do this?

Medlytics leverages big data, machine learning, and continued innovation within data science, to bring forth an actionable solution to health care interoperability. The ability to transform existing health care data into universal conformity, will spark innovation and yield better patient outcomes. Our technology is strategically built to implement and maintain the standards set forth by “Health level 7” and its FHIR v4.0.1 (fast healthcare interoperability resources) guide.

We understand FHIR guidelines will continue to improve as we collectively journey on this endeavor. Thus, we are fully committed to monitoring, understanding, and quickly implementing improved updates to adhere to these evolving guidelines. Results are achieved through action. We analogize compliment pairings like theory and practical application, to depict the relationship between healthcare interoperability and Medlytics.

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